- Back, Fist

Back, Fist. The current exhibition consists of two series of my works with different titles that are represented simultaneously and next to each other.  Despite the distinct differences between these two series which are titled “Middle Belief and “Burders”, there are unseen similarities that unveil the significance of their association. Therefore, the title of this exhibition is solely for the purpose of naming this companionship. The title of ‘Burders’ was suggested by my dear friend, Homayoun Askari Sirizi.  


Middle Belief

People’s beliefs create the strongest borders among them. And that is the exact truth in which I believe. Middle Belief is a terrain surrounded by these delimitations. A spot to take a break, contemplate and an opportunity to hesitate. A moment to avoid consumption.



Once upon a time,
There was nothing but war.
Up we went, there was war.
Down we went, there was war.
The tale of us was lame in legs on both sides.