- Eye

Probably more than anything else, Peyman Shafieezadeh’s drawings on the cutting patterns of the Burda fashion Magazine, recalls me of the importance of the negative space surrounding me. The negative space around me; the space in which I do not exist but the rest of the world does. Definitely, it has more important things inside: the Dark Energy, Aura, the invisible spectrum of waves, table, chair, tree, building, mountain, computer and anything other than my somatic.
In these works, the negative space is so important that although being a two dimensional cutting pattern of Burda Magazine, it has surrounded the objects and subjects like a three dimensional space and emphasizes on its existence.
Sometimes it seems like objects are sunk in a dynamic, living space having vibrating and moving red and green lines and it makes the negative space, and consequently the drawing, have such variability as if each time I’m looking at a new image.

Nader Tabasian